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October 14th  2022 

Dear Friends,

I have just completed a biography and exploration of the psychic and philosopher, Joseph Sadony. It is available in papeback at The book is a part of my current study on Intuitive Intelligence and Sadony is a prime example of someone who demonstated remarkable ability in this area.

"The fast approaching "Age of Intuition" demands a new literature and a new art in each department of human effort.  New systems, techniques to meet the change of tempo. The quickening of the spirit, and methods demanded by increasing mental flexibility and new standards of simplicity."   J. Sadony (1937)

Join me on Wedenesday, November 15th for an introductory talk and book sighning from 7-9 PM at the Book Nook in Montague, Michigan. Several collectors will be displaying artifiacts from Sadony's work. 

Join Us!

Richard Howlin