Richard Howlin PhD

Asperger Syndrome and Developing Minds 





                                                      PRESENTATIONS IN 2017

  • June 8th 7pm:  Childhood & the Neurobehavioral Effects of Screen Use                                                       Center for Daily Living. Northville, Michigan
  • Sept 15th 11am: Joseph Sardony and the Exceptional Mind                                                                              Whitehall Public Library, Whitehall, Michigan
  • Oct 6th 9am: Autism: Transitions into Adulthood                                                                                                  Michigan Rehabilitation Services Training. Lansing Center, Michigan                                                                              

Presentation Topics              

  • Suffering: Psychological & Spritual Perspectives
  • William Blake & the Creative Mind
  • Autism: Adolescent Readiness & Social Integration       
  • Autism & Culture (February 2018, London)

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Richard K. Howlin

118 S Main Street

 Suite A

Chelsea, MI 48118

(734) 475-6070




Date of Birth:  9/3/1954

Birthplace: London

License 6301006732 (Psychology-Michigan)




  • Secondary:   Our Lady and St Anselm School : London 
  • 1984 Diplom Psychologe     University of Munich
  • 1985 Bavarian State Scholar
  • 1990 Doctor of Psychology University of Munich



  •  1978-1986 Universitaet  Muenchen    Student Councilor  


  • 1986- 2001 Ann Arbor Public Schools- Psychologist & Intake Director      

                           Center for the Severely Emotionally Impaired


  • 1988-1999  University of Michigan-Visiting Lecturer & Professor


  • 1997-    Private Consulting Practice: The Chelsea Center for Autism, Chelsea, Michigan  


  • 2009-2010    Autism Consultant  Community Mental Health Services-Ann Arbor  


  • 2004- 2007 Asperger Syndrome Society of Michigan-Vice President 





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Howlin, R (2015) (in prep) Living on the Edge: Harnessing the Creative Mind 




  • November 1987 The Role of Temperament in Childhood Disorders

Ann Arbor Public Schools Professional Development 


  • January 1988: Disruptive Behavior and Social Influence

Lakewood Day Treatment Center, Ann Arbor


  • April 1993: Social Understanding and Learning Disabilities:

Lakewood Day Treatment Center, Ann Arbor MI


  • April 1994: Behavioral Interventions for Behavioral Problems

The Project Ride Intervention in Adolescence.: US Department of Education

The Marquette School System. Michigan


  • May 1994: Social and Emotional Learning Disabilities

Counsel for Exceptional Children. Annual Conference

Grand Rapids Michigan


  • June 1995: Keynote: Social Understanding in Children with Math Disabilities

Association for Teachers of Severely Emotionally Impaired Children

Annual Conference, Lansing Michigan


  • May 1996 Asperger Syndrome: Identifying Children and Adults

      University of Michigan. Ann Arbor MI 


  • September 1997: Right Hemisphere Disorder and NLD: Neuropsychological Profiles 

Ann Arbors Schools, School Psychologist Staff Development


  • April 1997 Treating and Supporting Asperger Syndrome

       Irish Autism Society, Annual Conference. Tullemore Ireland


  • June 1998 Keynote: Mapping the Minds of Children:

Annual Conference for the Association of Teachers for the Severely Emotionally                           Impaired. Lansing, Michigan


  • April 2001: Childhood Depression: Biology, Environment and Treatment

      Council for Exceptional Children, Annual Conference, Grand Rapids MI


  • June 2002: Temperament und Verhalten: University of Munich, Abteilung der Klinischen Psychologie,. Munich Germany.


  • September 2002: Non Verbal Learning Disabilities: Identifying at risk

      Taylor Public Schools, Department of Special Education Michigan


  • June 2003: Asperger's Children: What Parents Need to Know

      Irish Autism Society Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland


  • March 2003: Asperger Syndrome and NLD: Two Separate Disorders?

      Hillingdon School for Autism, London UK


  • June 2003: The Neurobiology of Autism. The Enigma of White Matter Theory 

      University of Michigan Autism in Perspective Conference. Ann Arbor MI 


  • July 2004 Asperger Syndrome and Temperament Variation: Department of Social Psychology Brunel University, London


  • November 2008: Therapeutic Social Groups: A New Resource For Students with Asperger Syndrome Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Ann Arbor,


  • June 2009: Use of the Millon Adolescent Multiaxial System in Treatment Planning for Children with Depression: Ann Arbor Inservice


  • April, 2009: Educational Intervention and Support for Adolescents with Autism

      Northern Michigan Autism Society Conference


  • April 2010 Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom Allen Park Public Schools, Michigan.

       Special Education Training


  • January 2010: Supporting University Students with Special Needs.

      University of Michigan, Department of Student Support Services


  • March 2010: The Missing Piece: Asperger Syndrome in Intimate Relationships

      Psychotherapy Networker Annual Conference. Washington DC


  • May 2010 Keynote: Supporting University Students with Asperger Syndrome:                                                                                    Michigan State University- Annual Statewide Special Needs Support Conference


  • June 2013: The Neurobiology of Autism and Adult Adaptation. Michigan Rehabilitation Services Annual Conference .Michigan


  • November 5th 2015: The Neurobiology of Suffering. Catholic Diocese Seminar “Hearts and Minds” Chelsea, MI


  • April 2016: Keynote: Autistic in an Autistic World. Michigan Rehabilitation Services- East Lansing Michigan


  • June 2016. Keynote: Autism: Beyond Biology: Society and Genotype. Michigan Rehabilitation Services Conference. Ann Arbor MI


  • September 2016. (In planning) Creativity and Madness. Psychoanalytic Society London  UK